Saturday, November 19, 2011

Burned The Beans!

     I had a post all ready to go and my internet decides to hiccup whilst I'm searching for my kanga pic :/ Drat.  My multitasking skills aren't up to par on lack of sleep w/ a cold.  I should've saved my draft before clicking on the insert button.
      My toddler just figured out how to open the fridge the night before last, and since he now knows how to open the baby gate- it's somewhat pointless to put up as a deterrent.  Yeah, I burned the beans. Left the heat turned up for a little too long. Chasing my youngest around trying to keep his lil monkey-self from getting into Everything is Fun fun fun.
     We're watching the Rugrats In Paris movie before bed. That movie always reminds me of my little sister. She's not so little anymore and moved to Sweden almost 3 wks ago. 

Just Chillin' 
     Isn't it crazy how you think about people from when they were younger and when you see them in person it just blows your mind?  I remember when I was 9 and after coming back to the states from Europe, my mom's friend exclaimed how much I had grown. I didn't see what the big deal was, but I get it now. Crazy. 
     Before I forget, I need to get my Kanga pic I mentioned earlier...after I save this of course :)               --> see?! I love it ! 

     Okay, off to the movies (livingroom) I go!
Have a goodnight :)

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