About Me

Hi, :)  My name is Jes and I am mother of 4 gorgeous children -2 girls-2boys. With 6 people in the house things can get kind of nutty around here but we like to keep a positive attitude and love doing things as a family. I think it's funny when we go to get tickets we are qualified for the "Group" special. Not a "Family" special, but a Group special. Sometimes even that is expensive so we find inexpensive (next to nothing) activities to do.
If I'm not home or running errands, I'm at school pursuing my degree. Daycare is way too expensive with 4 kids so I go at night when hubby is not at work. Frequently throughout the day I get online and share/socialize via Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Blogger and other outlets. This is a family friendly blog so stop by anytime and check-out what's new. I like to share giveaways other bloggers have going on and freebies I find online. If you have something you would like for me to review/giveaway you can email me at ladymiranda1@gmail.com. 

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